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Day One – #21DaySelfLoveChallenge

Today’s the day. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and challenge my mindset around one of the most important people I’ll ever know.


It starts off simple enough. The question is “do you love yourself?”

I can intellectually pick things out about myself that are lovable. I know that I have good traits. I know, in my head, that there are things about me worth loving.

But do I love myself?

Absolutely not.

So today I’m just going to start there. I’m going to sit with that for awhile. The reality is that no, I don’t love myself and to be honest… It’s become a problem.

Today, I am honestly facing myself and saying that no, I don’t love myself and admitting that I need to. Hopefully by the end of the next three weeks my answer will change.

Maybe yours will too.

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