Turning Verbal #autistic #autism #actuallyautistic

He started trying out new words in a whisper, as though he was shy about getting them wrong. Slowly at first but then faster, he was adding words to his vocabulary. Suddenly he started trying out stuff that was a little more complicated. Today he was confidently chattering away with more words than he’s ever had. Admittedly, I’m not understanding all of the words but he’s working hard at making speech one of his go-to methods of communication.

It solidifies what I knew all along; he knows all of the things he was just having a hard time putting his thoughts into words.

This is beyond exciting. Not only because I have always hoped that he would find his voice, but because I can’t wait to get to know him. I can’t wait to hear his thoughts and feelings. I can’t wait for him to ask me questions!

Today, Spencer counts to 6 by himself.

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