Your Fat Phobia is Making Me Ill

I am sick.I've been sick for at least two weeks. Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bathroom stuff.Eating has become something of an adventure because I just don't know what sets me off. Some days all I can stomach is soup and sometimes even that proves to be too much. Coffee is too harsh. Milk products seem... Continue Reading →

Open Your Eyes

I don't usually edit my writing much. I don't erase sentences often or go back into paragraphs. Once in awhile I rearrange stuff but most often what I publish is fairly strictly stream-of-consciousness and I blame Livejournal for that. Actually, it can be traced even further back, before the phenomenon of home internet, when I... Continue Reading →

Day Three – #21DaySelfLoveChallenge

Excuses, excuses. Today is all about challenging our excuses. I have lots of reasons I use to throw roadblocks up for myself. My toolbox is absolutely stuffed full of ways to get around or avoid making an honest effort. Sometimes I think it's easier to live in self-deprecating chaos for no reason other than me... Continue Reading →

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